is 50 percent of the motion picture experience. 

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Hello, I’m Gerardo Kalmar, sound designer & Avid Certified Instructor in Pro Tools. I create audio for animations, motion graphics, TV Series, creative advertising, film and any other projects requiring imaginative and emotive sound design.

Generally I look after a project from its initial stages through to its final delivery, managing all the areas of audio production, including the audio direction, the sound design, SFX, foley, location recording and the final mix.

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some extremely talented and creative individuals, from back in 1998, when I began creating SFX for Short Films at the Cinema University , to the present day, I provide sound design to clients from all manners of media disciplines all over the world ON-LINE.

To discuss anything in more detail, including collaborations, new projects, rates, availability or just for a chat about sound, please get in contact using the "CONTACT" button.


Thank You.



Having experience in the sound recording provides a fundamental contribution to the development of the soundtrack of each project.  We have knowledgeable and skilled technicians and professional equipment for a faithful and clear sound recording, with local and international experience in feature films such as television programs and commercials.



We provide full service post production and sound design service: composition of all the elements that make up the soundtrack of the film project, voice recording, dubbing (ADR), Foley, sound effects, editing, mixing and assembling of international bands (M&E) . We also have an extensive library of sounds.



We make multiformat mixes within international standards and broadcasts for Film, Television in 7.1, 5.1 and Stereo. In Dolby Digital, DCP, DVD and Blue Ray formats..